Lisa On YOUR Campus


If you’re interested in bringing Lisa On Campus to YOUR campus, we can work together to make that happen!

I’ll be developing a more formal listing of options in the future, but in the meantime, consider me for these types of programs:

  • “Ask the Sexpert” Q&A sessions
    • The lowest maintenance program of them all! Fill a room with college students, and give them notecards for writing out their questions about sex, sexuality, reproduction, intimacy, and more. I’ll answer as many as I can manage in our time together. Great for your campus’ Sex Week!
  • Before Consent: Know what you want
    • The focus on consent education as a means to reducing sexual violence is incredibly important. Yet some college students may not really know what kinds of sexual activity they want to engage in or where their boundaries truly lie, let alone how to communicate them. That makes it challenging to say yes or no! This workshop helps students explore their wants and likes so they can more clearly communicate them with a partner and develop healthier sexual communication.

Contact me at LisaOnCampus [at] with questions.