Code of Professional Ethics


My Code of Professional Ethics guides my practice of human sexuality education, research activities, and interactions with students and clients. Serving as a foundation for my code is the belief that, since sexuality touches virtually every area of our lives, I will engage in a prevention-oriented practice which promotes both individual and community health in order to aid my students and clients in reaching their full potential.

Professional Demeanor

  • I will strive to do no harm, always.
  • I will strive to conduct myself in a professional manner that demonstrates integrity, commitment, and care and which positively reflects upon the human sexuality profession, to include, but not limited to honoring my personal and professional commitments, not engaging in intimate or sexual relationships with current students, and not accepting sponsorship or research funding which could create a conflict of interest.
  • I will constantly expand my knowledge and skill base through continuing education activities, particularly after the conclusion of my formal education.
  • I will actively listen and encourage clear and open communication and dialogue with colleagues, students and clients.
  • I will seek suggestions and constructive criticism, and will discuss any concerns in a professional manner.
  • I will engage in critical reflection of experiences to incorporate appropriate changes to my professional work in order to provide competent programs and services to the populations I serve.
  • I will contribute to the development of the discipline of human sexuality education and to the field of college health promotion.
  • I will acknowledge the contributions of others to my academic and professional work as appropriate (e.g. citations, joint authorship, technical contributions)
  • I will avoid misrepresenting myself, my academic background, and my training, particularly while still enrolled in my doctoral studies.
  • I will clearly explain all relevant policies and fees with clients who hire me for paid educational programs and services which occur outside the scope of my primary employment.

Education and Research Activities

  • I will engage students in active learning processes around human sexuality education which promotes self- and mutual respect, autonomy, and self-efficacy.
  • I will honor each student’s right to freely decide what their own sexuality will be and how they will act upon it.
  • I will strive to create educational opportunities which are inclusive of diverse viewpoints, cultures, and life experiences.
  • I will acknowledge and address my own biases in order to better serve my students and clients.
  • I will collect and utilize data effectively and appropriately to engage in research activities, to improve my educational programs and services, and to meet the needs of the populations I am serving.
  • I will engage in ethical education and research practice, particularly as it pertains to protecting the privacy, confidentiality, and personal boundaries of all participants, unless doing so brings harm to the participant or others, including myself.
  • I will not engage directly with students in nudity, sexual touching, or sexual acts as part of their sexuality education. Should demonstrations involving nudity, sexual touching, or sexual acts be required to support a curriculum, only non-student co-facilitators or demonstration models will be contracted with in advance. The sponsoring organization and venue will be notified in advance and students will be given advance notice and the opportunity to step out of the room during any such demonstration. I will not knowingly violate the policies and practices of any employer, sponsoring organization, or venue within which I teach. Any restrictions will be honored through curricular modifications.